Premarital Counseling


You have found someone with whom you want to share life with! I believe marriage is one of the greatest gifts we can have in this life. Pre-marital counseling is beneficial to ALL couples embarking on the marriage journey.

“The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22

In pre-marital counseling you can expect:

1. Take an online assessment

This assessment is created by Prepare Enrich, and will provide a snapshot of the strength and growth areas in your relationship based on 12 categories:

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Partner Style and Habits

  • Financial Management

  • Leisure Activities

  • Sexual Expectations

  • Family and Friends

  • Relationship Roles

  • Spiritual Beliefs

  • Marriage Expectations

  • Parenting Expectations

  • Health and Wellness

2. Talk through results of assessment

We will work together to come up with your goals for our time together, giving special attention to strength and growth areas. Our time together could include communication exercises, budget planning, stress management, and family of origin issues.

The pre-marital assessment is not:

  • A test as to whether your relationship will succeed or fail

  • A reflection of what your future relationship will be like

  • A guarantee for a successful relationship

  • Replacement for professional relationship counseling

The goal of pre-marital counseling is to better understand each other and your relationship. It’s to build stronger skills that will better equip you for your future together. Having a third party person to offer objectivity and to help prompt deeper discussion on issues can be of tremendous value to you and your partner.

Once again congratulations, and I look forward to seeing you!

Cost & Details

  • Each session is about 2 hours long
  • Minimum of 6 sessions
  • Cost is $125-$175 per hour depending on insurance coverage and eligibility