Individual Counseling

Whether you are experiencing:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • a life transition

  • or an unsettling life event

“She is clothed with strength and dignity; and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

I am here to support you. The society we live in does not make it easy to maintain a peace-filled or joy-filled inner life. There is a constant underlying pressure to achieve, whether it’s a standard of living, the next life stage, or a “perfect” work life/home life balance. It’s difficult to prioritize caring for one’s own inner life.

Another challenge for many of us is finding the time and space to feel and understand one’s emotions. Many of us have learned that our emotions just “get in the way”. From a young age we may have learned we must ignore or dismiss our emotions which later leads to medicating or distracting ourselves when they get too uncomfortable. As a result, we “cut off” a part of ourselves in order to function and live up to our internalized expectations. This “cutting off” often leads to symptoms of anxiety, depression and unwanted behaviors.

In individual counseling we will explore together the root of your presenting problem. I take a holistic, collaborative and non-judgmental approach to helping you through your challenges. We will focus on your current strengths and coping strategies as well as explore how to better manage and overcome your presenting challenge. As a clinician trained in family systems I am interested in how your past might be interfering with your present. Our work may involve healing wounds from the past so that you might live freer in your present. Further, our work may involve uncovering subconscious thought patterns that contribute to your anxiety or depression, and working toward transforming them into healthier ways of thinking and being.

I encourage you to take the courageous next step to pursue counseling. Get the support you need to better achieve your goals. I look forward to working with you!

Cost & Details

  • Each session is about 50 minutes long
  • In person or telehealth (virtual) sessions
  • Intake session (first session) cost is $160-$210
  • Cost is $125-$175 per session (after intake)
  • Insurance is accepted through these providers:
    • BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota
    • Health Partners
    • Cigna
    • PreferredOne
    • Some Aetna plans

As I am working toward being fully licensed, please understand that I bill insurance under our group practice supervisor: Amanda Cornelius. Clients will receive a monthly invoice from our billing department. Please note that even with insurance, you may be responsible to pay all or a portion of the fees.