Immanuel Prayer

  • Do you struggle to connect with Jesus on a personal level?

  • Do you feel stuck or unmotivated with the same devotional routine? Or maybe no devotional practice at all?

  • Has Bible reading and prayer become another thing on your “to-do” list and feels like an obligation or insignificant?

  • Has prayer become filled with anxiety or simply a monologue of reciting your list of wants over and over again?

  • Are you struggling to find spiritual healing from past hurts or trauma?

If you said yes to any of these questions, Immanuel prayer could be a powerful and transformational experience for you.

Immanuel Prayer - Esther David Counseling

What is Immanuel Prayer?

Immanuel prayer is a kind of prayer that guides you toward an experiential meeting with Jesus through “visualization” and memory. Visualization is an intervention used in psychotherapy that helps promote positive feelings to overcome mental health symptoms. Immanuel prayer utilizes visualization to meet with, hear from, and experience an encounter with Jesus where you can form a deeper relational connection as well as heal from past hurts, and emotional challenges. This approach invites Jesus to be the leader and voice of healing, and the counselor is simply a guide.

Is Immanuel Prayer Biblical?

The detailed steps of Immanuel prayer are not found explicitly in scripture just like many of our church liturgies or spiritual practices are also not. However, Immanuel prayer is based on Four Scriptural truths.


  1. God is always with us. The name “Immanuel” is from scripture and it means, “God with us” (Matthew 1:23). 
  2. God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit work toward not just our salvation, but our healing physically, emotionally and relationally. (Ps 103:2-3, Acts 10:38, Isaiah 61)
  3. God listens to us and communicates in ways we can understand. (Matt 7:7, Ps 34:17-18, Ps 91:15, Isaiah 30:19, Jeremiah 33:3, 1 Samuel 3)
  4. God has instructed believers to remember Him and practice gratitude throughout scripture as a way to stay relationally connected with Him. (Deut 4:9, Deut 32:7, Ps 50:14,22, Ps 107:22, James 1:17) He brings truth, peace, and joy when we encounter Him. (Ps 25:5, Prov 16:24, John 14:27, Isaiah 26:3, Philippians 4:7, John 15:11, 1 Corinthians 16:27)

Is Immanuel Prayer Scientific?

The methods introduced with Immanuel prayer are the same basic interventions used in evidence-based psychotherapy and treatment for trauma such as “visualization”, CBT, and solution-focused, mindfulness, and resourcing. 

Is Immanuel prayer covered by insurance?

Insurance will cover psychotherapy if there is a mental health diagnosis. If you have mental health symptoms such as anxiety and depression your sessions will most likely be covered by insurance.