Marriage & Couples Counseling

Whether your relationship has been impacted by:

  • infidelity

  • marital conflict

  • feelings of disconnection

  • pornography/addiction issues

  • infertility

  • parenting issues

  • divorce

  • sexual concerns

"The most functional way to regulate difficult emotions in love relationships is to share them."
- Sue Johnson

I am here to help. The relationship with your spouse or significant other can be the most rewarding and fulfilling relationship as well as the most challenging. Intimacy is risky because it opens the possibility to pain, disappointment, and hurt. However, when a couple is able to navigate through the pain and the disappointments that come their way, when they decide to do the work of building trust and finding healing they can find themselves in a new relationship with more meaningful connection and than ever before.

In couples counseling you can expect that I will offer an objective outside perspective on the strengths and growth areas in your relationship. I will use a collaborative, strengths based approach to help you as a couple reach your desired goals. As a clinician trained in family systems I may find it helpful to explore family of origin issues that might be interfering with your present relationship. I work from an attachment lens that believes that our ability to feel “secure” in intimate relationships stems from early childhood. Attachment theory believes that anyone who experienced an “insecure attachment” in childhood can grow toward developing a “secure attachment” in adulthood. Further, you can expect our work together to include Emotion-Centered Therapy (EFT). This is an evidence-based method to help you develop a closer emotional bond with your partner. I may also include resources and insights from John Gottman’s research that have been proven effective in working with couples.

I encourage you to take the next courageous step to pursue couples counseling. Counseling has helped countless marriages and couples improve their relationship. I look forward to meeting you!

Cost & Details

  • Each session is about 50 minutes long
  • In person or telehealth (virtual) sessions
  • Intake session (first session) cost is $160-$210
  • Cost is $125-$175 per session (after intake)
  • Insurance is accepted through these providers:
    • BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota
    • Health Partners
    • Cigna
    • PreferredOne
    • Some Aetna plans

As I am working toward being fully licensed, please understand that I bill insurance under our group practice supervisor: Amanda Cornelius. Clients will receive a monthly invoice from our billing department. Please note that even with insurance, you may be responsible to pay all or a portion of the fees.