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Should Christians Seek Talk Therapy?

By Esther Davis / April 12, 2023

Should Christians Seek Talk Therapy? Deuteronomy 6:5 & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy I’m grieved by the fact that many Christians are highly resistant to consider talk therapy for treating mental health. In some cases this resistance persists even as they watch their friends and family struggle with suicidal ideation and other mental health issues. One held…

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Work from home - Mother with kids at the kitchen

5 Tips to Survive Working from Home with Family

By Esther Davis / April 17, 2020

A friend of ours recently shared how he has been quarantined to work from home in his small apartment in New York City. He is set up to work from a small desk in his living room where he shares living space with his wife and small kids. Over the phone he apologizes for screaming,…

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How to get started counseling consultation - Esther Davis Counseling | Marriage and Family Therapy, New Brighton MN

3 Things to Expect When Pursuing Therapy

By Esther Davis / January 1, 2020

I get it. Going to therapy for the first time can feel intimidating and vulnerable. I’ve been there. It takes a lot of courage to open up your inner life to a complete stranger. Especially when we are struggling it seems easier to simply ignore our anxieties and difficult feelings. We distract ourselves and it…

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