Anti- Anxiety Song List

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Anti- Anxiety Song List

Before I became a therapist I studied worship arts in college, and for a time became a vocational worship leader. Since then, I have continued to lead worship and write songs.

It’s interesting how the two roles intertwine so well when it comes to helping others achieve spiritual, emotional, and mental health.

As a therapist I have learned how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and mindfulness are both common interventions within psychotherapy to help clients overcome symptoms of mental illness. These interventions work by training a person how to challenge negative thought patterns and feelings with positive ones which then elicit positive feelings and behaviors. Meditation and gratitude exercises are examples of evidence based interventions proven to help overcome symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

This is where music can be a powerful resource to help overcome these symptoms. Through repetition, it touches both our minds and our emotions at the same time. When a person engages with music in a way where they are meditating on positive truths within the lyrics (like is found in much worship music) and allowing the presence of the Holy Spirit to minister to their heart, the brain is redirected and overtime re-wired to overcome and manage symptoms.

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Another aspect worth introducing is how “attachment wounds” often contribute to mental health symptoms. An attachment wound is a trauma or hurt caused by a caregiver or parent that if goes unhealed can lead to mental health challenges. To give a very simplified explanation, attachment wounds are treated by creating a safe space with another person where they can process and heal from these wounds.

Worship music can act as a bridge in the process of healing from attachment wounds, by helping us connect to a healing and transformative relationship with God. If a person can “attach” to the Divine with whom they believe and feel is safe, they can be healed from these past wounds in a loving, and nurturing relationship with Him.

I have created a special music playlist for those who are struggling specifically with anxiety, just a few songs to get you started. If this is you, take a listen and allow the words to minister to your heart and mind.



The Plans – We The Kingdom

Jesus Over Everything – The Belonging Co, Andrew Holt

No Fear – Kari Jobe


Good Plans – Red Rocks Worship

Firm Foundation (He Won’t) – Maverick City Music, Chandler Moore, Cody Carnes

We Praise You – Bethel Music, Brandon Lake

I Belong to Jesus – Bethel Music, Paul McClure, Hannah McClure

Trust In God – Elevation Worship, Chris Brown

Forever YHWH – Elevation Worship, Tiffany Hudson

Praise – Elevation Worship

Christ Be Magnified – The Belonging Co, Cody Carnes (The Bridge especially so good!)

Won’t Be Afraid – Esther Joy (of course I have to throw in my own song I wrote)

All Songs Available on Spotify or wherever you stream music. Enjoy 🙂


Peace Be With You!

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